Etchings of Trees

Trees recur as inspiration throughout Ros Ford’s work from trees in the Omani desert to the local trees in and around Bristol.


Gardens inspire Ros Ford, she is influenced by the depiction of gardens in Egyptian art as well as British artists who have worked and work ‘en plein air’. Many of her paintings have been painted directly, outdoors.


Ros Ford spent six years working in Egypt.  Her subjects include images from the temples, tombs and museums; ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Graeco-Roman and Islamic art. She is interested in the continuing power of these weathered, vandalised and restored icons. She is also inspired by the everyday life in the street.


Travel is an important inspiration for Ros Ford. When living in Egypt she travelled throughout the Middle East, making many sketches and photographs for paintings and prints. She also travelled to Malawi and made a series of paintings, drawings and prints based on the trip.